Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved in the SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains programme?

The EU-funded SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains programme publishes open calls and opportunities for collaboration which can be browsed through our Open Calls section. 

Who is eligible to apply for SWITCH support?

For the pilot projects in the target value chains, the lead applicant must be a European multinational company (MNC): a company with headquarters in one of the 27 EU Member States with majority-owned affiliates abroad, which are labeled controlled affiliated abroad. Co-applicants must be suppliers to the lead applicant and be located in a developing country or territory, included in the OECD-DAC list of ODA recipients. The proposed action must be in either the Textiles and Garments sector or the Plastic Packaging sector (specific ISIC codes can be found in the Guidelines for Applicants in the respective calls for application). Actions must be relevant to integrating circular economy practices into the value chain in the selected sector. 

What support is provided by SWITCH?

Pilot projects in the target value chains that meet all criteria and are selected to be a part of the SWITCH project will be offered technical assistance and capacity-building support. This type of support can cover a wide range of activities, including factory audits, technology needs assessments, training on circular concepts, or promotion of public-private dialogue. Although no direct financial support in the form of transfers of funds will be provided, the SWITCH team will give advice on access to finance, including support with the loan application process and the development of business plans.