Plastic Packaging

Lower-tier suppliers in developing countries often face significant technicaI and financial challenges in adopting new circular economy practices. On the other hand, EU multinational companies (MNC) leading global value chains have influence over their products from the research development, through the manufacturing and distribution, up to the usage and post-consumption cycle. The SWITCH Programme will support EU MNCs - led pilot projects in the Plastic Packaging value chain to demonstrate how their suppliers - SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) can be empowered to implement circular economy practices in developing countries. By encouraging collaboration platforms for multinationals and their lower-tier suppliers, the project also enables sharing experience and best practices.

Pilot projects in the Plastics Packaging value chain consist of shifting to circular practices in the design, production, or end-of-life stages in the value chain. For example:

  • Capacity development with technical experts working directly with the co-applicant MSMEs,
  • Improved circular ecosystem, where pilot project promoters will be assisted to engage closely with government actors and policymakers and access the technical services they need in their own locality,
  • Improved opportunities to access finance from local financial, and if sufficiently significant, from international financial institutions,
  • Networking with peers and consumers in the plastics packaging value chain in the developing country, in the region, and globally.