Join the Circularity Game - Your First Step towards Circular Capacity Building

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Local capacity building is the backbone of the circular economy's transition in international value chains. It empowers businesses, particularly local Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) which are part of global value chains, with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt circular practices. Why is this so important? By building local capacity, we are equipping regions and industries with the tools to thrive in a more sustainable future, and as part of globally interconnected value chains and industries.

What is the first step towards circular capacity building 

As part of the Switch to Circular Economy Value Chains project (SWITCH2CE), Circle Economy Foundation developed the Circularity Game, a gamified assessment tool designed to enhance your understanding of circular principles.

The Circularity Game isn't just another quiz; it's a dynamic learning experience. With six modules covering a wide array of topics, from the negative environmental impacts of linear value chains and current rates of circularity on a global and national level, it will support the assessment of current levels of awareness and capacity for the circular economy with companies in Bangladesh and Morocco. The Circularity Game is an interactive and engaging tool that acts both as an assessment tool as well as an awareness-raising and education tool. 

Are you an MSME working in the plastics industry in Morroco or in the textiles industry in Bangladesh? Are you looking to make a difference in your industry and community? We invite you to register for the Circularity Game HERE

Participation is free, and registration is quick and simple. The users can then choose the track and modules they wish to follow. 

Circularity Game 3

Companies interested in having their entire team learn more about the circular economy, can get in touch with Circle Economy to set you up with a dedicated company track on the platform. This will allow tracking the the progress of colleagues and compare scores, and to learn more about training possibilities in the future.

SWITCH2CE capacity building program on circularity

While the Circularity Game is an exciting and informative starting point, it's just one piece of the broader SWITCH2CE capacity-building programme for manufacturers, with trainings expected to be rolled out in 2023-2024. So, what comes next after playing the game? Here's a glimpse:

  • Based on the data and insights collected through this assessment tool, Circle Economy is tailoring a capacity building program. The modules and resources are being prepared with local partners in the countries where the SWITCH2CE project is active, to carefully assess the needs of the companies according to each specific country context and industry.
  • Training materials are also co-created with local partners based on proven methodologies, tools, and local knowledge. The content will be adapted for 1) large companies/ multinationals and 2) MSMEs which are part of their supply chains. 
  • Circle Economy will create a toolbox for local business development service providers, including training support materials and a trainer's manual, to facilitate circular business innovation. The capacity development programme will offer a train-the-trainer approach. Mentoring support will be offered for selected companies.
  • Companies that enroll and complete the Circularity Game now, will be eligible to participate in the wider SWITCH2CE capacity building program once it is rolled out. 

Since May 2023, the Circularity Game has been promoted at global events such as the World Circular Economy Forum - WCEF2023 in Helsinki, the Circular Fashion Partnership event hosted by Global Fashion Agenda and GIZ in Cambodia, and local events in Bangladesh and Morocco. Around 450 people have participated and played the Circularity Game till now. Circle Economy are constantly testing the features to improve usability and user experience and to add more language versions of the assessment tool. 

Within SWITCH2CE, Circle Economy are on a mission to train 500 MSMEs, and you're an essential part of this journey. The Circularity Game is just the beginning.