SWITCH2CE at COP28 panel on critical minerals in the ICT and Electronics value chain

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Our SWITCH to Circular Economy Value Chains project was represented at the COP28 by actively engaging in the critical minerals dialogue for the electronics, telecommunications, and ICT value chains and industries.

During the insightful panel, "Digital for critical minerals: Embracing circularity for a low-carbon future," we explored the rising demand for minerals and metals, the role of digitalization in promoting circular practices, and how the digital industry can integrate circular concepts into its value chain. The panel was joined by Petra Schwager, Chief, Climate and Technology Partnership Division, Director of SDG Innovation and Economic Transformation, UNIDO; Ville Tavio, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, Finland; Philippe Tuzzolino, VP Environment, Orange Group. In this event, Nokia and guest speakers unpacked why the demand for minerals and metals will increase; how digitalization can help industries advance circular practices, and how the digital industry can embrace circular concepts in its own value chain.

Our recently launched ICT&Electronics pilot in Egypt together with global telecom Orange, Nokia, Sofrecom, and several other local and international partners is a direct contribution to conserving critical minerals. This pilot aims to open new potential for reuse of products, extend their longevity and reduce the generated e-waste. Refurbished and recertified network equipment and devices will re-enter the local market, the residual e-waste will be collected by pilot’s partners and recycled. We're pioneering solutions that minimize or eliminate waste, ensuring precious resources return to the production cycle of mobile phone equipment. 

The full panel discussion recording is available at: https://businessfinland.icareus.com/event/192932457/268073624